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  • Listening to: Jawbreaker
  • Reading: Omega: The Unknown
So, I don't really spend much time on deviantart anymore, but I'm hoping to change that soon.  But don't get me wrong; I HAVE been drawing, much more than usual actually, but posting occurs very few and far between.

Been working at the coolest comic book store ever with the coolest people around:
and just trying to make it to the end of high school (which is coming up very soon) without jumping out of the window of the science lab......just kidding.  Getting ready or college and all of the change that it will bring.  Scary stuff, man, but I'm ready for it.

I recently did a pinup for the comic Ham and Eggs, by the super cool and super talented Stephen Lindsay and Lauren Monardo.  Definitely check out the comic ( and the production blog and pinups (

Hope all is well with everyone out there on the inter-web....